▓ill river of her heart hoarded its images▓, ever reflecting them in the▓ racing current, letting them si

nk deeper▓ into memory than most of us can.● Real innocence can do nothing th▓at is trivial, and when it

is ●allied to generosity of heart, t▓he combination makes it the ●most vulnerable of qualities under heaven.?/span>

?In this sudden self-consuming experi▓ence, comparable in its tension a▓nd ardour to those ridiculous pas

sions w▓hich schoolgirls have so often for thei●r mistresses — yet touched in by t●he fierce mature lines of

nature (the demonic ▓line-drawings of an expert love wh▓ich Justine could always oppose as a response● t

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burn▓ away the corpse of the criminal it covered.●The world of secret meetings▓, of impulses that brand one like an iron●, of doubts — this suddenly descended● upon her.So great was her confusion of mind th●at she would sit and stare at the metamorphosed▓ Justine and try to remember what she really▓ looked like on the other si●de of the transforming membrane, the cataract▓ with which Aphrodite

seals up the sick eyes o▓f lovers, the thick, opaque ●form of a sacred sightlessness.She would be i●n a fever all day until the appointed moment wh●en her model met her.At four she st▓ood before the closed door of the stud●io, seeing clearly through it to the co●rner where Justine already sat, turning▓ over the pages of a Vogue and smoking as● she waited, legs crossed.The id▓ea crossed her mind.‘I pray to God she ha

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